Update History
  • Added a mechanism to globally exclude instances from data gathering or reporting
  • Blocked mastodon.potproject.net from indexing - the administrator edited the about page and presented a false user count


24 commits!

  • Added a public feed scanner - it hits the public timeline of every Mastodon instance and checks the first page of results for any new OStatus domains
  • Added an instance resolver that attempts to guess the software by looking for headers and specific URLs
  • Added an identification mechanism for GNUsocial/postActiv instances
  • Instances will now be excluded from hourly updates if they fail 3 consecutive checks
  • Daily import function to load any new domains from instances.mastodon.xyz
  • Created the instance detail page, to view charts and stats for a single instance - including headline stats, growth chart and relative rankings
  • One-time backfill of data gathered from previous Radar prototype
  • Updated the Fediverse bubble chart to make the bubbles clickable
  • Updated the Leaderboard charts to make the bars clickable
  • Got really frustrated at ChartsJS for making it impossible to have a clickable scatterplot that works reliably
  • Added search feature
  • Sped up Fediverse chart rendering by caching the results with a 60-minute TTL
  • Updated the Instances scatter chart by adding an "Above Average" filter that shows instances with users > average of all instances

Definitely the busiest day so far.


First version!

The first version of Radar currently has:

  • Backend to scrape Mastodon instances for User, Status and Connection numbers
  • Homepage to show totals
  • Fediverse bubble chart that shows top 100 instances by user size